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Professional work uniforms, 100% designed and manufactured in Italy

Mevi Corporate Clothing, Uniforms & Workwear

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Confezioni Mevi manufactures and sells custom tailored professional work uniforms, work clothes, workwear, work coats and tunics for the following fields:

Work uniforms for Cafès, Coffee shops, Ice cream shops Chocolate shops, Cafeterias, Pastry shops, Bakeries and Pubs
Work uniforms for Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Catering e Banquet services, Pizzerias, Food trucks and Butchers
Work uniforms for Cooks, Chefs, Pastry chefs, Line cooks, Kitchen assistants
Profressional work uniforms for Culinary schools and Tour Operators
Work uniforms for Supermarkets and Cleaning services and other businesses
Work uniforms Spas, Beauty farms, Hair dressers, Estheticians, Cosmotology centers
Medical doctors, Dentists, Orthodontists, Pharmacists, Medical clinics, Nursing homes, Hospitals, Sanitary personnel
Work uniforms for Cafès, Coffee shops, Ice cream shops and Pubs
Mevi maufactures workwear and uniforms that are Functional, unique and esclusive. It offers businesses to dress with a professional and serious image with a touch of Style and Elegance. The Catalog showcases an entire collection of professional workwear manufactured by Mevi. Additional collections dedicated to Ice cream shops, Cafès, Pastry shops and Hotels can be found in the various smaller catalogs “Oasi” and “Cake Design”.

Custom design

The company’s strength is its capability to work with each client to create tailored and personalized garments.



Confezioni Mevi directly serves Hotel, Spa, Beauty Center, Franchises, Tour Operators, Culinary School, Businesses and more.



To order garements found in the catalogo it is necessary to contact Confezioni Mevi through the contact page.


Made in Italy.

The “Made in italy” philosophy and method is guarateed trough a professional and competent staff that never compromises the company’s tradition while producing a manufactured product. The efficient sales department is able satisfy clients through the network of dealers, agents and retailers that represent and sell both the Mevi brand as well as personalized brands.

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