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Professional work uniforms for beauty salons, estheticians , health centers, spas, delicatessens, supermarkets.

Professional work uniforms for cafes, coffee shops, ice cream shops, pastry shops and restaurants

Professional work uniforms, today more than ever, characterizes the activities carried out in the workplace. Mevi Confezioni offers professional attire that “dresses” impeccably thanks to its sartorial experience acquired over forty years of business and its ability to understand the demands and needs of clients especially for those who wish to dress their staff with style and elegance without comprimising pacticality.
With its professional work uniforms, Mevi offers garments suitable for many different fields of work.  For example: ice cream shops, coffee shops, chocolate shops, pastry shops. You will find a wide range of men’s and women’s aprons coordinates in various colors and patterns woven in 100% polyester, non-stretch, stain resistant and easy to clean fabrics.

Choose to match shirts in 100% cotton elastin fabrics with rich color contrasts and matching aprons. Hats and caps for men and women will complete the uniform. Mevi offers professional garments that dress any business that are stylish design but at the same time remain practical and functional thanks to the quality of the fabrics used and the careful tailoring. View the full catalog of Mevi professional work uniforms. Download the full catalog in PDF.

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